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Rapidly Remodel Your Home Flooring

As our name suggests, AJ CERAMIC TILE AND MARBLE LTD. is known for home flooring and marble work. Along with popular remodeling work, like bathrooms and kitchens, we can also finish your basement flooring. Save money and have our team tackle multiple tile and flooring installation jobs for you.


There are many reasons to change your flooring, such as allergies, damaged materials, or maybe you just want a new look. Whatever the reason might be, we're able to come to your house and show you different floor samples. You can compare laminate, hardwood, tile, and other options right next to each other, and right at the site where the floor is to be installed. You can also go directly to our supplier's show room for a vast amount of products to choose from.


When finishing a basement, we take the time to discuss and compare ideas with you to determine exactly what you are trying to achieve concerning tile and flooring work. Whether your intention is a game room, living room, or bedroom, we use the best materials possible while staying within your budget. Any savings that we encounter along the way will be passed right to you.

Basement Flooring

Before Remodeled Bathroom Tile After Remodeled Bathroom Tile


We love installing bathroom tile and flooring because we understand the importance of a properly finished bathroom. It could be a huge upgrade in a home and adds value whether you are renovating an existing bathroom or adding a new one. Your selection of tile and flooring is virtually endless, so don't hesitate to ask one of our experts for assistance with bathroom remodels.


There are many different ways to improve a kitchen. Whether you just know you want a modern design or you have your exact dream kitchen in mind, we can assist you with all your tile and flooring needs. From installing a backsplash around your cupboards to re-tiling your floor, AJ CERAMIC TILE AND MARBLE LTD. is the only name you need. Give us a call, and we can make an appointment to come to your house and discuss your needs.